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The burglars of today are not the type to use hammers and hairpins to open your door; they can do it right from their phones. This is why companies are rolling out new technology to make sure that hacking into your home doesn’t come easy to them.

What Is Rolling Code Technology?

Your garage door lifting system is one of the most convenient items in your home. It allows you to avoid the scorching heat or the bitter cold. However, it can also place you at risk of being the victim of a break-in. The reality is that most remote openers utilize a home’s Wi-Fi to provide people not only with the ability to open the door but to check on it from time to time. Hackers know this and can use it to enter your home. Here is how rolling code technology is fighting back.

How Rolling Code Technology Works

Because of this issue, with everyone having one particular code to open their door, the rolling code was introduced. The way that It works is that every time you press the button, the code is changed. As the name suggests, the code rolls onto another code using a chip in your remote or car. Now, theoretically, a hacker can still obtain the code, and for this reason, rolling code technology is also making sure to encrypt the data in order to make it more difficult. Note that if you do have any issues regarding your garage door, then it is imperative to seek the services of a garage door repairs Bakersfield company in order to ensure full protection.

Keyfob Operation

The way that car openers work is that they broadcast a frequency of 300 and 400 MHz. Now, this keyfob is what allows the garage door to open, but if they were all the same, then any remote can open any door that fits that model. This is why companies began using unique codes to apply them to every device sold. In the past, all thieves had to do was obtain your keyfob and extract the code to enter your home. Today, however, not only is the code not in the keyfob but rather in your car. This instantly doubles their work as they now have to find a way to break into your car, hack the chip, and then follow through with their plan. It’s safe to say that this is too much work for most burglars.