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Choosing a Garage Door to Match Your Farmhouse-Style Home

If you live in a farmhouse-style home, you obviously cherish the traditional look of times of the past. Choosing a complementary style garage door can spruce up your property and make for an even more inviting look for your home. You may even find that a new vintage look garage door can equal fewer Bakersfield garage door repairs. Here are styles you might want to choose.

Finding a Complementary Style

It’s easier than you think to find a complementary style garage door for your farmhouse-style home. You want to go with a vintage look as the specific style of your home has been around since Colonial days. You can also consider not only the style of the garage door itself but added touches to personalize it and make it even more appealing. Windows and painted insulation are two examples.

Carriage-Style Door

The carriage style garage door is highly popular for its rustic appeal. It is a complementary style that works well for a home that takes on the farmhouse look. Usually, carriage style garage doors are available in white and have crisscross X patterns going across. A nice added touch is a series of small windows at the very top of the door to add natural light inside.

Rustic Wood Door for Your Farmhouse-Style Home

To truly incorporate a complementary style garage door to your farmhouse-style home, you will want to use a classic design. The rustic wood style door is a perfect complement to your home. It takes the barn look and has a beautiful rustic appeal. You can choose a variety of soft colors such as varying shades of gray or brown to really catch the eye. However, even red works well with this type of garage door style.