How Does a Photoelectric Eye Sensor Keep You Safe?

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If you are having issues with your garage door closing, you may have a problem with the photoelectric eye. These sensors control the automatic reverse safety mechanism by stopping the door from closing on a person or an object. All modern garage doors are equipped with this safety feature. Here are some things you need to know about the photoelectric sensors on your door.

What Do Photoelectric Sensors Do?

If you look at the side of your garage door, you may have noticed two “eyes” on the door. These sensors are usually located about six inches from the ground. The sensors have a beam between the two units. When the beam is disrupted, the door will reverse and stop from coming down the track. This is an essential safety feature for your door. Any obstruction will stop the door from closing. In some cases, the alignment of the sensors can disrupt the beam and stop the door.

Why Does the Door Keep Reversing?

If your door continues to reverse, you will need to check for any obstructions. When the obstruction is removed, the door should close. In rare cases, the sensors will fail to communicate with each other. If that happens with your door, you can check their alignment. A simple reset of the sensors usually fixes the problem.

Fix Your Photoelectric Sensor Eye Issue

The photoelectric sensors usually cause an issue with a reversing door. You will always want to check for obstructions in the garage. If you still need a garage door repair in Bakersfield, you can find a professional company. A trained technician can find the cause of the issue and get it quickly fixed. You can be confident that your garage door problem will be repaired safely with the help of a Bakersfield garage door company.