Making Pet-Friendly Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

Keeping your pets healthy, safe, and happy is your most significant mandate as a pet parent. You do everything possible to keep your cats, dogs, and hamsters away from hazardous foods, chemicals, and places. If you usually use the garage as your pets’ home while you are away, you may start worrying about their safety around the garage door. Accidents may happen, resulting in calls for Bakersfield garage door repairs.

We cannot reiterate the value of strictly following garage door safety practices. These instructions help keep your family members safe, including your feline friends. The garage door is robust and requires careful operations as the single most significant moving part of your home.

You are responsible for understanding the risks and safety measures in the garage door operations with pets around. Luckily, our team at Precision Door of Bakersfield has compiled the following guidelines to assist you in keeping your furry friends safe.

Safeguard Garage Door Components

Most pets, particularly young ones, suffer anxiety disorders when left alone. To keep their minds preoccupied, they begin gnawing on surrounding items. Unfortunately, most pets choose to chew on the wiring of your garage doors.

The wiring cables are essential in maintaining the required tension on the garage door springs. When your feline or canine starts messing with these wires, the risk of snapping and injuring your pet is high.

You must train your animal friend on the difference between dangerous and friendly items to chew. However, if your pet is uncontrollable from gnawing the cables, ensure you supervise their movements within the garage. Otherwise, it is a good idea to keep them in crates or cages to avoid the inevitable.

A good idea to keep your pets engaged while away is to provide plenty of toys. The toys help to relieve stress and manage anxiety, burning off excess energy. Good care and meeting your pets’ needs help avoid accidents and injuries. It is also a great way to keep them happy and healthy.

Go for Insulated Garage Doors

The peak of the summer or winter can be very discomforting for your family members and pets. As such, you should never leave your pet in an uninsulated room. Proper weatherstripping and insulating the garage can help maintain the warmth in winter and cool the space in summer. However, remember to include proper insulations during your Bakersfield garage door repairs to maintain desired temperatures.

Insulated garage doors help to keep your pup or cat comfortable throughout the seasons. In addition, your HVAC unit will work less, saving costs while prolonging its lifespan. Consider proper ventilation and humidity levels if you intend to have your pets stay in the garage for a while. A partly opened window may help to improve ventilation during scorching weather. On the other hand, a dehumidifier will help to keep the humidity levels in check during winter and rainy seasons. Combining these aspects will ensure your pets remain comfortable and happy no matter the outside weather.

Keep Your Pets Away from Garage Doors

The garage door looks like a stable and secure place to tie up a leash when you want to restrain your pet for a moment. However, unlike a stationary tree, the garage door can experience misalignments from constant movements, posing safety risks.

Pets are playful friends, and their curiosity may find the spring, cables, and other parts of the garage opener intriguing. However, these parts can cause severe injuries to your pets and damage the door mechanism. Let our experts conduct a professional assessment of your door if you notice physical or operational damages caused by your cats, dogs, or hamsters.

Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs on Automatic Reverse Door Mechanisms

Since 1982 federal law has required all garage doors to have an auto-reverse mechanism with a quick-release feature. The quick-release concept allows doors to switch from shutting and reversing the direction to opening upon encountering an object on its path. This innovation has saved many lives and pets alike.

The garage door technology introduced photo eye sensors or electric eyes, helping doors to reverse whenever something crosses their path. Generally, photo eyes work by sending infrared beams across an open door. If the rays come across an object, it sends signals to the door to reverse its direction.

Unfortunately, failures of photo eyes to capture objects may result in injuries or death of your pet if slammed by the garage door. Whereas it is not a likely scenario, photo eyes are subject to dirt and electrical faults. For these reasons, it is essential to ensure that the electric eyes are always neat by wiping off dust with a clean cloth. Remember, Bakersfield garage door repairs help correct loose wires and electrical faults causing your door to misbehave.

Choose Pinch Resistant Panels and Hinges

When deciding on your garage door, you must avoid doors with panels folding together as they close. Typically, there is a small gap between such folds, which causes your furry friend’s tail to get squished, causing injuries.

Luckily, technological advancement has seen the development of pinch-resistant hinges and panels. In this model, panels roll over each other with minuscule gaps reducing the chances of a tail or hand getting caught when closing the door.

Avoid the “Beat the Door” Trend

Social media has become a buzz of fascinating challenges to gain followers, likes, and comments. One such trend has been the “Beat the Door” challenge. In this “game,” the race tests how fast your pet can run on a closing garage door.

Garage doors have sensitive built-in motion sensors that inform the door to stop or reverse when an animal or person passes under it. A superfast movement or damaged sensors can cause the door to miss the signal. Therefore, avoid dangerous stunts as they can lead to injuries.

Stop Leaving Garage Doors Propped Open

A common trend in Bakersfield of leaving the garage door unlocked is rising to avoid constant opening and shutting of the doors. Yet, the dangerous habit can lead to injuries or death of your pets. The spring system in garage doors prevents the doors from slamming until you activate the command to close or open the door fully. However, with time the spring’s tension capacity deteriorates because of aging and wear and tear. The weakened springs make partially opened doors slam down, causing injuries to your family members or pets.

You can avoid unnecessary stress on the garage door springs by installing a pet door. The door allows your pet to access the garage without having to leave the entire garage door open. Pet doors will save your pets from risks and dangers caused by malfunctioned garage doors. Contact our team for solutions to make your doors pet friendly.