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Three Common Types Of Accidents Between Cars And Garage Doors

Your garage is designed to protect your car from the elements, but an accident could damage both the garage’s door and your car. Many people come and go on a sort of autopilot when in a familiar place. If you accidentally damaged your garage door with your car, it is important to arrange for a prompt inspection and Visalia garage door repair. Consider these three common types of accidents between cars and garage doors.

Backing Into the Door

When you’re in a hurry, you might forget to open the garage door when you leave the house. You might also accidentally back up into the garage door when coming home after a long day and forgetting to open the door after putting your car into reverse while in your driveway. This type of accident is preventable by opening the garage door before starting your car and avoiding backing into the garage when returning home.

Scraping the Bottom of the Door

Sometimes, you might be in a hurry to get your car into or out of the garage. You may start driving through the door as it opens. It is possible to underestimate the height of your car. This could result in scraping the top of your car against the bottom of the garage door. This could damage the bottom panels and weatherstripping on the door, necessitating repairs. Your car’s finish may also need repairs.

Opening Your Car Door

Perhaps you were checking on your positioning in the garage or taking a look at something behind you, and you opened your car’s door. Misjudging the position of the car door in relation to the garage door or its track could cause your car’s door to hit these parts of the garage. The track could be bent or dented after such a collision. The door’s panels could also be damaged. These problems require prompt professional repairs.