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Steps to Take If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

The garage door is often used multiple times each day as residents access the garage or park their vehicle inside. Over time, the feature can be prone to issues and may not open or close correctly when you’re trying to get in or out. If you’re having difficulties with operating the door, there are a few steps to take if your garage door won’t open to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Inspect the Sensors

Although it may seem like a severe mechanical issue when your garage door doesn’t open or close, the problem is often with the sensors. You’ll need to inspect the parts to determine if the sensors are level. You’ll also need to look for objects that are preventing it from closing and are in the way, which includes rocks, dirt, and trash.

Examine the Track

In many cases, the garage door may be off its track, which can cause it to get stuck instead of running smoothly with how it operates. Look for gaps, bends, or bumps that may be present and if there’s any noise that occurs. You can hire a professional who performs garage door repairs in Bakersfield to loosen the screws and tap the track back into its original position. Wiping down the tracks can also prevent items from being in the way and is an easy fix.

Check to See If the Door Is Locked

Locked garage doors are one of the many causes of why it won’t open and can be overlooked. You may notice that the motor is running and that the door attempts to open but stays shut. Look for the locking knob and handle to disengage the lock before trying to open it again. There’s also a disconnect switch that may be in place that allows the garage door to operate manually when the electricity is shut off. Look at the motor to determine if it’s been accidentally turned off.