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The Components of a Garage Door Inspection

A garage door inspection is an effective way to make sure that it lasts for the entirety of its useful life. It gives you the opportunity to have a professional take a close look at the door to find and correct small problems before they can become major ones. Repair work needed after the inspection will be done for free or at a discount if you have a service package.

The Door and Surrounding Objects Will Be Carefully Examined

If there are any dents or dings on the door itself, a Bakersfield garage door repair professional may be able to spot them even if they aren’t large or especially obvious at first glance. An inspection will also involve an examination of weather seals installed along the end of the door or in between the panels. Metal objects such as tracks and springs will be inspected for corrosion or the need for additional lubrication.

The Door Will Be Tested to Make Sure Sensors Work

For your safety, a garage door opener will be tested to ensure that the door opens and closes properly. A professional will open and close the door from a variety of different distances and angles to be sure that there are no issues with a sensor or electrical signal. Your inspector will also look to see that the door closes all the way to the garage floor before stopping.

An Inspector Will Look for Water or Pest Damage

If there are signs of water or pest damage, your inspection provider will be able to recommend steps to take to get rid of it. Typically, you will need someone to replace the door with a new one. It may also be necessary to call an exterminator to the house if pests are getting in.