The Correlation Between Climate in Bakersfield and Garage Door Repairs

One of the things that makes the weather in California so well-loved is that it doesn’t get very cold, even in the winter season. However, the temperatures can get pretty hot, and dry to the point where it almost feels somewhat like a desert. While you might be able to tolerate such heat, this climate can wreak havoc on your garage door. Although the temperatures are mostly arid in this particular region, it can still get pretty cold during the winter, which can affect your garage door as well. In order to avoid having to search for Bakersfield garage door repairs, here are some things you should know.

How Heat Can Keep Your Garage Door From Shutting

Because most garage doors are automatic and electronics tend to be extremely sensitive to above-normal temperatures, extreme weather can cause your garage to malfunction. If it is an extremely sunny day, your sensor might mistake the sun rays for an obstruction; therefore, preventing it from closing. In order to minimize any heat-related issues, you can lubricate your door with an oil that is made for hotter conditions.

Ways to Reduce the Need for Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

If you keep an eye on your garage door, you can catch any minor issues before they grow to become bigger problems. You can perform a simple maintenance check by just opening and closing your garage door, and looking to see if anything is amiss. Make sure the door is moving at a normal speed, listen for any odd noises, et cetera. However, one of the best things you can do for your garage door is to schedule an annual checkup with a professional just to ensure that all of the inner workings are functioning properly.

Maintaining Your Garage Throughout the Year

Although you should schedule a professional checkup each year, there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure the life of your garage door. When you are performing a routine check to make sure the door is working properly, you should also check out the hardware. Take a close look at the working parts of your garage door, such as the hinges, track, et cetera, and make sure they don’t look worn. Make the necessary adjustments to the track, bolts or whatever else needs some attention, so you won’t need to search for Bakersfield garage door repairs.

A Little Goes a Long Way

With just a little bit of effort, your garage door can give you a lot of uses. You might not realize this, but just a simple cleaning can fix and help prevent a lot of issues with your door. Removing built up grime and dirt with just soap and water can help your door operate much smoother, and prevent it from getting stuck. The same goes for adding lubricant as this can prevent your door from making loud noises whenever you open and shut it.

Maintaining Your Garage Door When Temperatures Drop

Although the temperature in California doesn’t drop to the point of freezing, it can still get pretty cold in the winter time. Just as heat can cause your door to malfunction, cold weather can cause the metal in your door to contract, and cause your door to move slower. Also, such strain on your garage door opener can eventually cause it to break, and you’ll have to search for Bakersfield garage door repairs. One of the best ways for you to combat this is by keeping your garage door hinges and track properly lubricated, so your door can operate at its maximum potential.

Protecting Your Garage Door From the Climate

Whether you are dealing with hot or cold temperatures, they can have a negative impact on the way your garage door functions. One of the best things you can do in order to keep extreme temperatures at bay is insulate your garage door. This is something you should definitely consider doing if your garage door is made out of wood. Wooden garage doors can be susceptible to cracking whenever they are exposed to extreme temperatures.

Why Insulated Garage Doors Tend to Last Longer

Unlike traditional garage doors, insulated doors are constructed with a solid core that is surrounded by a metal frame. The thickness of an insulated garage door not only helps it to withstand impacts, but it can stand strong against various weather and climates. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be very harsh on a garage door’s panels, drive mechanism, springs, and more. When your garage door is insulated, the temperature is regulated; therefore, the working parts of your door aren’t overly stressed. With proper insulation along with proper care, you won’t have to search for Bakersfield garage door repairs nearly as often as you would otherwise.