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Steps to Take If Your Garage Door Opens Unexpectedly

The garage door has many different parts and components that allow it to open and close. In some cases, it can open unexpectedly due to underlying issues that are present. Here are a few necessary steps to take if your garage door opens unexpectedly.

Check the Garage Remote Opener

Begin by taking a look a the garage remote opener, which may be the cause if the device has become dirty or if the batteries begin to fail. The remote opener may not be positioned properly, or the button has become stuck, which makes it necessary to examine all of the parts. Consider cleaning the device and replacing the batteries to see if this fixes the issue. In some cases, the parts may no longer be working, which will require a professional who specializes in garage installation in Bakersfield to secure your building and make it easy to access the garage again.

Remove Excess Debris

Many people are surprised to learn that the excess debris that is in their garage can cause the door to lift on its own. The sensors that are placed close to the ground can be blocked or bumped by excess items that are stored in the space, which makes it necessary to de-clutter the garage and free up extra space around the sensors. There may even be small objects in the path of the door that the sensors are picking up with the automatic reverse feature, which can cause the door to fail to close.

Radio Interference

Radio frequencies are used to open and close garage doors, which can cause the garage door to open because the same frequencies are used for the passcode entry, the remote opener, or the buttons that are inside of the garage. Police radios, CB radios, and even the neighbor’s garage doors can be sharing the same frequency when they’re programmed to the same channel. If this is the cause of the door opening, it’s easy to fix by reprogramming the garage door opener.