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How to Choose the Best Garage Door Color

One of the main things you will need to consider when picking out the color of your garage door is the overall aesthetic of your home. Colors such as black, grey and white can be some of the best garage door colors for a modern style home. However, if your style is more eclectic, retro, et cetera, then you may want a door that is very bright in color like a yellow or even red.

Adding a Subtle Pop of Color

If you have an ultra-modern home that is all white, a nice way to offset that is by adding a garage door with a somewhat muted color, such as black. A white house with a black door can create a good amount of interest to the eye while still complementing the color and aesthetic of the home.

Best Garage Door Color for a Traditional Home

Whether your home has traditional siding or is brick, a brown garage door might be one of the most neutral colors you can find. It can go well with virtually any color home and is a nice subtle way to enhance your stonework, et cetera. While wood is the most common material for most garage doors, you can add a modern element to your home simply by installing a brown metal garage door instead.

Customizing to Achieve the Best Garage Door Color

If you are finding that either the color you want isn’t in the style you like and vice versa, you can always see if customizing is an option. When searching for garage door repairs in Bakersfield, ask if they are able to paint the garage door for you or if you can put in a custom order. Oftentimes, what you see on a website is not all that the company is able to provide, so ask about other color options if you don’t see what you like.