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The Newest Trends in Garage Door Technology

Technology advancements are coming in at a fast clip. This includes innovations in garage door technology. That’s why this article will explore some of the best advancements in the field of garage door installation and repair. If you’re interested in possibly incorporating some of these technologies into your own garage door, call on an expert in garage door repair in Visalia to discuss how these advances can benefit you as a homeowner.

Smart Garage Door Technology

Many technological advances allow garage doors to open, close and get monitored when you’re not at home. Remote garage door openers let you operate your door without getting out of your vehicle. There are also apps that let you open and close your garage door remotely as well as give you a notification if you left your door open. Some apps even allow you to open your garage door as you’re pulling up in your car.

One of the biggest innovations in recent years is connecting your smart garage door to the rest of your smart home. You can put your garage door on a certain schedule, lock or unlock it when you’re not home, and give you keyless entry as well as provide security services such as alarms

Insulation of Garage Doors

Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t consider insulating their garage doors. Because your garage door is often the biggest entry to your home, you can lose a lot of heat when you open it. Inefficient insulation of your garage door can also spike your energy costs. When you insulate your garage door, you can reduce the amount of heat loss from your home. It can make your door quieter as it operates as well as make it more durable.

Solar Doors

One interesting advancement that has presented itself in the last few years are garage doors that can charge electric cars. Solar garage doors store energy all day and recharge your vehicle in the evening hours. It does all of this with no emissions. This type of technology is not widely available yet. However, look for this innovation to get more popular in the coming years.