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When Do You Need to Update Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers are a fantastic modern-day convenience, but when they’re on the fritz getting into your garage can become a challenging task. Seeing the signs that tell you it’s time for a new one is the first step in getting your garage door back on track. Here are some signals that your garage door opener may be sending you to let you know it’s ready for an update.


A vibrating garage door opener could lead to serious problems if it’s not checked out promptly. Mounting points can be shaken loose from continuous and unusual vibration, resulting in a unit that may eventually break free and damage your vehicle and garage floor. If you notice your garage door vibrates particularly hard or it appears loose, then it’s definitely time for an update.

Overly Noisy Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are notorious for being loud, but if your garage door is making new or worse sounds, then it may be time for an update. More modern units are built with belt driven openers that are quieter than their bicycle chain-like counterparts. If your garage door opener has recently started getting louder when it is working, that is typically a sign that the opener is nearing its end.


When a garage door becomes unresponsive, automatically reverses, or works only intermittently, there is also cause for concern. A simple fix would be to see if changing the batteries in the garage door remote solves the issue. If not, it could be that the sensors located near the floor of the garage are faulty or the mechanics of the unit are warning you of a more serious problem. In any case, this usually indicates that the opener needs to be updated.

Malfunctioning, vibrating and overly noisy garage door openers are all signs that you may need to invest in a new garage door opener. For swift service and an expert touch, our Bakersfield garage door repair company can help answer your questions and solve your problems.