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When You Should Repair Your Garage Door Opener

If you’ve noticed that your garage door has not been working as well as it used to, the cause could be your garage door opener. The performance of these openers diminishes for any number of reasons, but the primary one is age. When this occurs, you can either have the opener repaired or replace it, and while both options have advantages, the choice largely comes down to preference. Either way, professionals who handle Bakersfield garage door repairsare your best bet for help.

Signs That Your Opener Needs to Be Changed

There are a number of signs that indicate your opener may need to be changed or repaired. If your garage door is starting to take longer to open and close, it could be a sign that the opener is on its last legs. You should also focus on the sounds the opener makes. Certain components like the chain drives will become louder and noisier as the opener starts to degrade in quality. Another sign is if the door starts to close or reverse its direction randomly, which is a clear sign that you have an outdated opener that should be repaired or replaced.

Consider How Long You’ve Had the Opener

As is the case with actual garage doors, the openers will have a greater chance of degraded performance the longer they have been in operation. While a professional repair technician will be able to provide you with a recommendation on whether you should repair or replace the opener, you might want to consider replacing the opener altogether, even if the current problem is repairable, if you’ve had the garage opener for more than five years.

Determine the Overall Cost of an Upgrade

While having the opener repaired could be a cost-effective solution, upgrading may be a better option if the opener is on its last legs. However, if the opener is only a few years old and you’ve rarely had issues with it, there’s no reason not to have it repaired first and save yourself some money.