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Signs You Need to Replace the Garage Door Weatherstripping

When it comes to maintaining your garage door, it’s important to inspect the parts every few months to determine if anything needs to be replaced. The weatherstripping is one of the main components that are responsible for containing the air in the building and prevent outside air from entering or escaping the house. If you want to maintain the feature, there are a few signs that you need to replace the garage door weatherstripping with the help of a professional company that provides garage door repairs in Bakersfield.

The Weatherstripping Is in Poor Condition

Take a close look at the weatherstripping to determine if it’s become worn down or is still holding up well. The material needs to be replaced if it’s broken down or has tears and holes that have formed. Replacing the weatherstripping is inexpensive and can allow you to reduce your energy bill each month by eliminating any drafts that are present in the garage. New weatherstripping can also protect the garage door parts from being exposed to extreme temperatures, which can increase their life span and will lead to fewer issues.

Pests Are Present

If you notice small critters and pests that have made their home in your garage, then it’s a sign that your weatherstripping may be compromised. Without proper weatherstripping, it can allow insects and small animals to enter the building due to entrances that become available. Replacing the material can secure the space and prevent infestations from forming.

Increased Energy Bill

One of the most common signs that the weatherstripping isn’t holding up well is if you notice an increase in your energy bill. You may not be using your HVAC system more than normal but still experience a hike in your bill, which can add up over time. If your bill is beginning to fluctuate without too much change in the outside weather conditions, then you’ll need to immediately check the condition of the weatherstripping.