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Common Signs You Need New Garage Door Springs

Garage doors have many different parts to ensure the feature functions properly as it opens and closes each day. The garage door springs are one of the main components of the product that is necessary for helping the feature operate, but can suffer from excess wear over time. Here are a few common signs that you need to replace the door springs.

Gaps in the Coils of Your Garage Door Springs

You’ll need to perform a visual inspection to of the springs to determine if there are any gaps present on the coils, which indicates that the steel on the springs has begun to fail and are no longer durable. The spring will no longer be capable of producing the tension that it needs to move the garage door open and close if there are gaps present.

A Lack of Alignment

Springs that are damaged or worn down will cause there to be a lack of alignment with the left and ride sides of the garage door. The springs have likely given out and are unable to lift or close one side of the door, which means it may no longer operate. You’ll need to hire a professional technician to replace the springs to prevent injuries that can occur if you have a lack of experience or the proper tools on hand. Hiring garage door repair in Visalia will ensure the issue is fixed the first time and will protect your safety.


You’ll need to perform a test to determine if the garage door is balanced to evaluate if the springs are still in good condition. Disengage the automatic garage door opener and manually raise the door halfway. Check to see if the garage door stays put or if it falls to the ground. The door should stay put if the springs are still holding up well. If you notice that the door feels light, it may be a sign that you have the wrong size of springs installed.