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Causes Of Short Circuits In Your Garage And Door Opener

A short circuit in the garage door’s opener is an immediate problem. If this happens, you should cease use of the garage door and arrange for a prompt Bakersfield garage door repair. If other fixtures in the garage or your house also seem to have short circuits, you may also need to contact an electrician. Most garage door openers can last a decade before needing to be replaced, but that doesn’t mean issues can’t arise earlier. Consider these common causes of short circuits in garages and the fixture for the garage door opener.

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Faulty Insulation

Faulty insulation is a leading cause of short circuits. The insulation reduces heat release from the wires in the circuit. When the insulation fails, the circuit can get too hot. It shorts as a way of preventing a fire. Pests could chew through the insulation. Extreme temperatures in the garage may also damage the insulation over time.

Loose Connections

When the garage door opens and closes, it does a lot of vibrating and shaking. Over years of daily use, all of that movement could cause a wire in the garage door opener to become loose. When the wires no longer connect properly, this could result in a short circuit. A wire might need to be tightened or replaced by the garage door repair technician or electrician.


If you recently installed some shelving units or hung something up on the wall or ceiling of your garage, it is possible that you punctured the insulation or a wire. A punctured wire can no longer operate safely. If you punctured close to the wire, the wire might have shifted. If the live wire crosses the neutral wire, this can also result in a short circuit for the garage door. When hanging something in the garage, it is imperative to avoid the areas where the wires are located within the walls.

Still Unsure What is Short-Circuiting Your Garage Door Opener?

If you have troubleshot your garage door opener and cannot find the issue, contact a garage door repair company near you. The professionals and technicians will be able to promptly assist with your issue and provide the best solution possible.

While they are there, the garage door technicians can do a full diagnostic and inspection of your garage to ensure all components are functioning properly. Other issues that should be regularly inspected include:

  • garage door springs
  • garage door tracks
  • garage door bearings
  • torsion rods
  • cable drums
  • emergency release cords
  • and more

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A problem with the lintel above the garage door could affect the side walls where they are mounted. Off-balance brackets should be adjusted and remounted by an experienced garage door repair technician. If you need assistance with lintels contact Precision Garage Door of Bakersfield.

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