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Battery Backups for Powered Garage Doors

Here is the thing. When your garage is at a location prone to power blackouts, you must have a reliable battery backup for your powered garage doors. Indeed, emergencies occur. You don’t want to get stuck inside your garage in such times. More so, it is for this reason that places like California make it mandatory to have battery backups for powered garage doors. Below are battery backup tips you can use to make the smart move.

Opt for Powered Garage Door Openers With a Manual Release

When there is an extended power outage, your battery backup comes in handy to power your garage doors. That way, the door will continue to function for a temporary period until power resumes.

But, did you know that you can have a powered garage door opener with an option of a manual release? Yes, this option is a saver when your power backup is not picking power as it should. For, you can still make your way out or into your garage when there is no power.

Conduct Regular Checks and Drills on Your Battery Backups

Even with the best garage door opener with a battery backup, something can go wrong. More so, when the battery backup lies idle for too long.

Ensure you perform regular checks to confirm that the equipment is in tip-top shape. In particular, confirm it is picking power as stipulated in the manufacturer’s guide. Where you notice an issue, Bakersfield garage door repair experts can help you diagnose the problem and work on getting the backup back into shape.

Once in a while, perform power backup drills. They will help you gauge how long the battery backup will last in the event of a prolonged power blackout.

Replace a Faulty Battery Backup

Now, does your battery backup have the green, orange, and red-light indicators? These indicators alert you about the condition of your battery backup. All you need to do is take a glance at the gauges, and you will know if it needs your attention or not.

But what if the indicators keep on alerting you that something is amiss? Never ignore such warnings. Instead, start planning for a replacement for your battery backup. Indeed, most battery backups have a warranty of up to three years. Then ensure you keep up to date with your equipment.

Battery backups are a lifesaver in case of emergencies. Then ensure you get a reliable gadget that is compatible with your garage door opener.