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Reasons Birds Like to Hang Around Garages

While birds spend most of their time outdoors, they do need to seek shelter on occasion. In some cases, your garage will make the perfect spot to find refuge from a storm or a predator. It can also be a place where food is readily available.

Birds May Be Scared by Thunder or Lightning

When you hear thunder or see lightning, the first thing that you typically do is find shelter. The same is true for any bird that is outdoors when a storm hits. If your garage is the closest safe shelter when one occurs, a bird will likely make its way inside until the dangerous situation has been mitigated. In most cases, the bird will fly out when it perceives that it is safe to do so.

The Bird Was Seeking Refuge From a Predator

A smaller bird may have been the target of a larger bird, a cat or a different predator while flying around outside. By going into your garage, it may have afforded itself the opportunity to hide in a crevice or otherwise make itself less obvious to whatever was after it. As with a strong storm, the bird will likely fly away again once it feels that it is safe to do so. If the bird causes damage, call a company that provides garage door repairs in Bakersfield for help.

There Is Food in Your Garage

It is possible that a bird has found crumbs, insects or other sources of food in the garage. It may have also found your garage to be a suitable place to make a nest and lay its eggs. Cleaning out the garage can be an effective way to ensure that birds or other animals don’t consider it to be an attractive location.