What Are These Strange Garage Door Sounds?

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If you hear weird noises from your garage door, you will want to contact a repair company. Most doors do make an occasional squeak during its operation. When the strange sounds are happening daily, you need someone to inspect the door. You can find the right company for garage door repairs in Bakersfield.


Clunking sounds are often heard when the door opens and closes. There are many reasons for these sounds. The most common problems are caused by the springs or the coils rubbing against each other. Rust or other debris on the metal surface can make a noise. If the clunking noise is loud, a broken or a defective roller may also be the issue.


When the door moves up or down, you should never hear a loud booming noise. This type of noise is probably the result of a bad tension spring. If you hear this noise in your garage, the spring will need to be replaced. A professional garage door company can inspect your springs and get them quickly replaced.


Metallic grinding sounds are annoying for any homeowner. Your belt or chain is probably worn and creating these sounds. When the metal chain is forced through the gears, you will hear a grinding sound. A missing link in the chain can also create a grinding sound as well.


It is normal to hear the occasional squeak in your garage. If the squeaking noise is consistent, you might need to add lubrication to the door frame and track. As the parts are worn down, they need extra lubrication to avoid drying out.

Call Your Repair Company

If you hear any of these sounds, you need to call a professional repair company. Many technicians can solve your problem on the spot. An untrained person should never attempt these repairs. You always want to hire an experienced technician for your home.