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Why Bakersfield Homeowners Should Pay Attention to Garage Door Motors

One way you can upgrade your garage system is to get garage door motors and an opener installed. Even if your system is working, the new technology that has come into the scene may make getting an upgrade seem like a good idea. The new models on the market tend to be less noisy than their older counterparts. The newer technology is also a lot more energy efficient.

The article will discuss what you will need to know before you get a new motor for your garage system. Afterward, you can call a technician who does garage door repair in Bakersfield for more information about this process.

The Types of Garage Door Motors Available

Many people know about AC motors or alternating current. AC motor currents run at the same speed whenever it is in operation. While this type of motor can produce a bit of noise, it usually doesn’t bother most homeowners. DC motors, or direct current, start slowly at first, speed up at its peak, then slows down again. While DC motors are less noisy, there isn’t a whole lot of other major differences between the two types of motors.

Lifting Your Garage Door With One Hand

Being able to lift your garage door with one hand should be easy if your door is working as it should. To find out if your garage door is balanced, close the door. Once this is done, shut off the garage door opener. Pull the door until it halfway between the ground and the ceiling. Let the door go. Does the door stay in that position? Then your door is properly balanced. If your door shoots open or falls to the ground really fast, you will need to call in a technician.

How Long Will Your Garage Motor Last?

You will want to consider the quality of your garage door motor when upgrading your system. If a budget needs to be taken into consideration, you can get by with a lower-end model. Other homeowners can buy motors that will last them at least 15 years. Whatever your budget, you can find a model that will fit your needs for years to come.