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Avoid Using WD-40 and Use These Lubricants Instead

Squeaky and rigid garage door tracks can be a huge bother. They can prevent your door from opening properly and present us with an unpleasant noise. Most people quick reach for the WD-40 to fix the problem. Unfortunately, we shouldn’t be relying on WD-40 to lubricate the tracks. Let’s take a look at why WD-40 isn’t the solution and what other lubricants you should be using instead.

Don’t Use WD-40 on Your Garage Door Tracks

Though WD-40 provides some level of lubrication for objects that become rigid, it acts more as a cleaner than it does a lubricant. Unfortunately, WD-40 cannot provide an ample amount of lubrication that your garage door needs in order to open and close properly. You would have to apply copious amounts of WD-40 on your garage door tracks just to see some kind of benefit. This is why it is important to apply the appropriate type of lubricants to your tracks.

What Kind of Lubricant Should I Use Instead?

You can find a lubricant mixture for your garage door tracks at almost any hardware store. You should find a lubricant that is 40-weight and is a non-detergent oil. You can also shop for wheel-bearing grease. These two types of mixtures will provide optimal results whenever you apply them to your garage door tracks. They will keep your garage door opening smoothly over the years.

Keeping Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

Information such as this is what saves people from experience headaches when it comes to properly maintain their garage doors. However, problems can arise at any time. This is why it is important to seek professional garage door repair in Bakersfield if something does happen. All the maintenance in the world cannot fix something that requires proper repair. Fortunately, you can still mitigate long-term damage by using these techniques.