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Three Common Causes of Cable Problems on Garage Door Openers

The garage door cables attached to your opener play an important role in the lifting and lowering of the door along the tracks. Like other mechanical components, the cables are under a lot of stress. If you notice problems with the movement of your garage door, contact a professional that specializes in garage door repair in Bakersfield for an inspection and repairs or replacements for the cables.


Friction is a top cause of problems with garage door cables. Each time the garage door goes up or down, the cables stretch and move. This creates a lot of friction. The friction causes wear and tear on the fibers of the cables, causing them to stiffen, overstretch and deteriorate over many years of use.

Environmental Exposure

Exposure to the elements hastens wear and tear on the garage door’s cables. Swift changes in temperature stress the cable fibers. Extreme variations in humidity may cause rapid expansion and contraction of the cables. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet energy could degrade the cables. Dust and dirt cause abrasions on the cables, making little cuts and tears that grow over time. In garages without insulation, long periods of high temperatures make the cables deteriorate faster.


There are different types of garage door openers and cables. They are rated base on the level of usage of the opener and door. If your garage has a door rated for light use of up to twice per day, but you come and go five or more times every day, the garage door’s opener and all of its parts are experiencing a heavy workload. The materials may not be rated for the workload they must perform. When having the cables replaced, consider replacement units that are rated properly for how often you use the garage door.