malfunctioning garage door

How to Repair Malfunctioning Garage Doors in Bakersfield

A malfunctioning garage door can throw your entire schedule off. Luckily, most problems aren’t severe and can be repaired quickly. Here are the most common garage door malfunctions and how garage door repair in Bakersfield is handled.

Broken Spring

All garage doors rely on Chevy duty spring to operate. It is not unusual for these springs to wear out or break entirely. When service people come to your house, you want to ensure that both springs have been repaired, that the correct springs were used, and that the service person inspects the door to ensure operation.

Broken Rollers or Cables

Garage doors rely on rollers and cables to ensure that the door opens and closes with precision. With time, these rollers and cables can wear out. Ensure that the roller and cables are the proper size for your door, that they are installed correctly, and that they are tested afterward to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Off-track Garage Doors

Garage doors slide on a track both for the safety of you and your property and lessen the noise associated with opening and closing the door. Occasionally a door will jump the track. Garage doors left like this can be dangerous as the safety system meant to keep them from closing prematurely won’t work correctly. The door will also be extremely noisy as it no longer has the track to guide it in and out of place. Ensure that the door is back on track when the service person is done, opening and closing fluidly, and not making any undue noises or sounds.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Panels

Usually, when garage door panels are damaged, replacing them is a matter of cosmetics. However, if the panel has jagged edges left over, the broken panel can be dangerous to your property and your family. Ensure that the service company you call in Bakersfield specializes in panel repair as this job can be tricky to get exactly correct.