Bakersfield garage door repairs

Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs or Upgrade the Garage Door?

If you’re having troubles with your garage door or it’s damaged, then you might be wondering if it’s better to replace the door completely or get Bakersfield garage door repairs. While the decision is ultimately yours, there are some signs that can point you in the right direction. This will help you make the right decision.

Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs for Damaged Doors

One of the top reasons for replacing your door is that it’s been damaged. While Precision garage doors are often quite durable and able to take a hit, the door might be beyond repair. It really comes down to how much damage the door has sustained. This will help you know if Bakersfield garage door repairs or a replacement is better.

Mild damage is purely cosmetic. The door still functions well, but there might be a small dent, scratch or scuff. Replacing the door isn’t advisable because it’ll cost much less to just repair it. Moderate damage means that the functionality is somewhat affected. If the door still has a tight seal, can easily move up and down and keeps out animals, then repairs are probably better. If there are gaping holes or the door can’t completely shut or close, then you might want to replace it.

Severe damage is similar to moderate damage but much worse. There are often large holes, the door will be unable to fully open or close and it no longer functions as it should. While you can repair it, most people find that replacing the door is better in this case.

Older Garage Doors

Nothing lasts forever, and that’s true for garage doors. These doors are meant to last for a decade or more, which might feel like forever to some people. The problem is that older doors can become brittle, they don’t have as tight a seal and they tend to have outdated designs. Another problem is that erosion may cause the door to be weaker than when you first bought it.

You should consider replacing the garage door once it’s 10 to 20 years old. If the door has been through a lot, then 10 years is better. If the door has been sturdy and hasn’t suffered much damage, then you can probably get closer to 20 years.

Much like with a car, you’ll want to consider whether it’s smarter to invest in repair costs for a day that only has a few years left in it. This is especially true if the door is damaged or has other problems. While Bakersfield garage door repairs can work wonders, an older door might be better to replace than repair.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Problems

The vast majority of modern garage doors are hooked up to an automatic opener. You simply push a button, and the garage door opens and closes without you getting out of your car. This is extremely convenient, but the problem is that the opener might have errors or issues. You might find that the door isn’t moving as expected.

Should you replace the garage door if the automatic opener is having problems? It’s probably a better idea to seek repairs in this case. Normally it isn’t the door itself that is causing the issue. It could be a hardware or software problem with the opener, or the springs alongside the garage door might need to be replaced.

While sometimes it’s really the door causing the issues, you’ll probably find that repairing rather than replacing the door makes more sense in this case.

Increase Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your home, then you want to increase its resale value as much as possible before listing it. This often includes upgrading the interior design, getting new appliances and fixing damage around the home. You might also find that upgrading your garage door can improve the home’s resale value.

If the door is fairly new, then a simple repair might be better to remove any cosmetic damage. If the door is closer to 10 years old, then replacing it might be smarter. This upgrades the design while giving your home a more modern look.

Garage Insulation

Most people don’t think about all the benefits a garage door gives them. While it certainly keeps your garage secure and locks your cars away, it also insulates the entire garage. A good garage door can keep the garage cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Older or significantly damaged doors have a harder time insulating the garage. You might find rain, wind, snow and the other elements getting into your garage. Not only that, but this can increase your power bills as more energy will be needed to keep the garage comfortable.

If you find that your power bills are higher and your garage is uncomfortable, then you may want to upgrade the door. A repair job might help, but sometimes it’s just better to get a completely new door.

Improve Home Security

While there’s no way to make your home completely impenetrable to criminals, you likely want to make it harder, so your home isn’t a target. Many thieves break into homes by getting through the garage door.

This is much easier with older garage doors. Their locking mechanisms tend to be looser. They are easier to move. The material tends to be softer, and they usually have outdated technology. All these problems make it much easier for someone to break in and steal your belongings.

If it seems like your door is aging and easy to manipulate even without an opener, then you might want to upgrade. This can at least give you peace of mind because the new door will improve your home security.

Changing Material

Maybe you’re tired of the current garage door’s material, or maybe you’re finding that it really isn’t working for you. For example, wooden garage doors look great, but they require more maintenance than metal or vinyl doors. You might have gotten tired of the door and just want a new one.

While repairs might make sense financially, even the best repairs can’t change the material. If you don’t like the material and want a new one, then upgrading the garage door is your only option.