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Defraying Garage Door Replacement Costs With Insurance

Fixing a garage door could cost hundreds of dollars at a minimum, and that cost could go up in an emergency situation. However, depending on the terms of your homeowners insurance policy, it may be possible to pay little or nothing out of your own pocket. Whether you pay or not depends on the reason why your garage door needs to be repaired.

Was Another Party at Fault for the Damage?

As a general rule, if someone else damaged your garage door, the cost of professional repair work to fix that damage is covered. If another person ran into the door with a car, a claim would be filed with that person’s auto insurance company. In the event that the door was vandalized in a burglary or similar event, you could contact your homeowners insurance company to have the repair costs covered.

What If a Natural Disaster Strikes?

If your door was damaged and needs to be replaced because of a natural disaster, the cost to do so is likely covered under your homeowners insurance policy. This is generally true if the damage was caused by wind, rain or hail. Furthermore, your policy may be in effect whether the garage is attached to the home or not.

Do Contractors Work With Insurance Companies Directly?

Many garage door replacement service providers will work with your insurance company or otherwise provide guidance as to how to file a claim. A garage installation Bakersfield company may also allow you to pay over time in the event that a claim is denied or is held up for any reason. This can make it possible to get the new door that you need without having to worry about cost.