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Insulation may help your garage door look more secure, but it is not enough for good security.

Does Insulation Give Your Garage Door More Security?

Homeowners often believe if their garage door is closed and locked it is secure from burglars. However, this isn’t always the case. Burglars have ways, called fishing, to reach inside and open the door. Ragged looking doors are their first target. If your door looks lopsided or has holes, you should get Bakersfield garage door repairs to make it look strong. Insulation is important for temperature control and for making your garage door look strong, but more is required for good security.

Tips for Good Security that You Can Do Yourself

Your garage door may look strong and have a good lock. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do that will deter burglars. If your door has windows, use translucent glass or put up curtains or adhesive window film. One of the first things burglars do if there are windows is to try to look inside to see if there are any tools or toys worth stealing.

If you can’t change the glass right now, make sure to hide any valuable things such as a power saw, motorcycle, skis or expensive mountain bike, so it is not visible from the window. Install outdoor lights near your garage door and remove any shrubs that could provide cover for a burglar.

Additions for Safety

If you have a service door next to your garage, check the locks on that door too. It should be as secure as your front door.
Many people keep their garage door remote handy by clipping it to the visor. This is the first place most burglars look and an easy way for them to enter your house. The answer is to use a keychain remote that is always with you.

Smart Garage Door Opener

If you have already done all of the above and still need more security, consider a smart garage door opener. You can check your garage door, open and close if from anywhere with your smartphone.