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Many people misplace their garage door remote controls as often as they do their key fobs, but there are great places to store your remotes so that you never lose them again.

Smartphones and Other Great Places to Store Garage Door Remotes

Your garage door remote control is up there with your smartphone and key fob as valuable small items that you can easily lose track of. How many times have you put a remote down only to get distracted and have no idea where it is when you think of it later? Remote controls and security are often a focal point of garage installations in Bakersfield. But even if you aren’t getting a new door just yet, there are options to store your remote so that you are less likely to misplace them.

Sun Visors and Other In-Car Options

A sun visor is a classic option for storing garage door remote controls. Many remotes even come with a clip that makes them a cinch to snap on. But many professionals recommend installing a remote holder. These mounts are simple to install and relatively inexpensive. They provide easy access to your remote but make the remote a fixture. You can still detach the remote control if needed, but it will require a bit more purpose than detaching a simple clip-on. There are similar mounts available for your windshield, dashboard, center console and even glove compartment.

Switch to a Smartphone App

Perhaps the best way to keep track of your garage door remote is to virtualize it. Do away with the physical remote control and use a smartphone app instead. If you have purchased your garage door opener in the last five years or so, chances are that a manufacturer-specific app is available. Even if your unit is older, many brands sell add-ons that will support your cell phone.

Keep It on a Keychain

Many remotes come with a keychain, and you can easily add one yourself. This is a great way to keep your key fob and remote control together. It doesn’t guarantee you won’t lose track of the pairing, but it does at least give you one less individual small item to worry about.